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Flavor N Focus offers recipe development, food styling, food photography, culinary consulting, and brand marketing media services for the food industry.

We are a small company that can save you big -  cutting your costs without cutting corners. We provide you with "application" ready work when you need and want it - no delays, no egos, no attitude.  Our work is motivated and designed with your target market's palate and preferences in focus.

From simple product pics, tips, or ideas, to more complex skill based recipes,  advertising or sales copy writing, and menu configuration, our experienced culinary team always delivers. Whether it's for brand marketing, food packaging, culinary media, trade shows, or websites - when you're ready to impress - contact us!

Who is Flavor N Focus?
A chef and a photographer that combined, have over 65 years in the food and photography business. Some of our more recognized clients include Nonnis Biscotti, New York Style Brand Bagel and Pita Chips, Rondele Gourmet Spreadable Cheeses, President Brand Feta & Brie products, California Raisin Marketing Board, Tyson, Ryt-Way, FoodSense LLC, and the National Honey Board. Our basic philosophy is to always keep our clients' product in front - the shining star in both the recipes and the photos. We take pride in doing things right the first time, but won't quit until the client says, "perfect".


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